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With everything going on, from the magazine, to the launch of my new book, to traveling to L.A. to appear on T.V., to spending four days in Houston launching my new collection of glamping fabric, I admit, I’ve let my Facebook personal messages fall through the cracks. (I’ve disabled the function everywhere Facebook will let me. Call me old-fashioned, but I do still have AN e-mail address. It’s 🙂 And I’ll answer them here since I probably can’t find the Facebook PLACE where I found these to start with. (If you’re from my generation—two minutes away from age 60—you can surely relate.)

1. Hello Mary Jane … I was telling my former aide that I had recently joined  …

Sisters on the Fly and she said, “That sounds like what Judy Dean’s sister does up north.” I know that you do much more as I’ve been to your site. Anyway, I taught your sister’s boy, Troy Dean, when they were living in Council. They are such a great family. I look forward to meeting you. Nina Trainor, Council, Idaho

Hats off, no BOTH hands-on-heart, no wait, hands pressed together in prayer, with a BIG deep bow to you, Nina! (My sister’s boy, Troy, has Down’s Syndrome AND he’s autistic.) Thank you for your important work. It’s amazing that my sis has been helped (saved) over the years with so many great government programs for kids like Troy. Just a godsend. You might enjoy our Glampers on the Loose Facebook page. Lots of fantastic glamping ideas.

2. Hi MaryJane! so excited to read your new book tonight!!! I remember well our visit when you were with the SOF ladies at Riverside State Park. You were such a dear to entertain my friends and myself … the bumper sticker you gave me rides proudly on the bumper of my car … much to my teenage son’s chagrin when he has to drive it!!! Still loving your wonderful magazine, and your books have brought me such joy!! Wishing you all the best! Holly Stockman

Sweet Holly, YES, what a great time that was. Don’t you just love it when our guys drive our vehicles with bumpers stickers like “certified farmgirl” or “wave if you’re a farmgirl?” And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for reading my books and magazines. It means everything to me. It fuels my fire. Let me know if you need any more bumper stickers. Does hubby’s truck need one?

3. Hi MJ, just had a lovely baby shower here in Moscow with the folks who gave you your Great Pyrenees and pony. Heading back tomorrow, but would love to see you and the farm before I go. Will you be around in the morning tomorrow? Xo Taylor Barrett Valliant

I simply CAN’T miss you next time, Taylor! Make sure you give me some advance warning so I can move heaven and earth to be here.

4. Hi MaryJane, I just e-mailed Suzanne Taylor at Gibbs-Smith for a copy of your book. I’m hearing that The Tattered Cover is OUT of your book at the moment. Yay! What is a good number/e-mail to contact you when I receive the book so we can set up a radio interview? Thanks much! Irene

Irene, we’ve had trouble keeping my Glamping book in stock. It actually sold out the day it launched. Amazon (a robot, I’m convinced) said ONLY this when everyone went there: “OUT OF STOCK, buy from this seller.” Not, “more coming, temporarily out of stock,” or anything HELPFUL or informative. NADA. And when you clicked on the SELLER, there was one guy trying to sell ONE copy for $900. This is all very good and exciting for me, but you might wait forever to get one from my publisher because we’ve used up all their stock keeping store shelves supplied. It’s available right now on Amazon. Let me know when you’re ready to interview me! I’d love to chat. My e-mail is

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    And when you pass over the 60 year old mark and moving on up the ladder, forgetting your thought and place gets to be more frequent. Yikes!!!!!!

  2. MaryJane! I love you and your magazine! As a girl bunny farmer from Maine, I thought you would like to hear about us. I started the first and ONLY Licensed Rabbit Shelter in the State of Maine: Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue. Here is our website: and information about us:
    Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers, dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected or surrendered rabbits & finding them loving, forever homes. Our orphaned rabbits are provided with physical and social rehabilitation and sanctuary at Cottontail Cottage’s “Bunny Barn”, until they are deemed fit to be matched with qualified adoptees or foster homes. We also seek to educate the public on the care for these beautiful creatures as well as the importance of spay/neuter. Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue’s mission is: “together, we can save somebunny today.”

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