Why was the chicken on T.V.?

I was channel surfing (rare) looking for some quality programming the other day when I glimpsed a lady holding a chicken (even rarer!). My curiosity was piqued, so I lingered for a second or two to discover that there is a show called Redneck Island … (funnier still) and this lady, Catherine, brought her chicken, Pearl, with her.

My pet chicken, Ginger, and I cooed as we …

also share a tight-knit bond. Here we are in the “Sister Act” (Apr-May 2011) issue of the magazine (Okay, too much fun, right? I was trying to do the Paris Hilton thing.) Below, Ginger and I will share our chicken nappy how-to with you. Now you can travel anywhere with your bona-fide fowl friend.

(Ginger really enjoys being pampered. Pink nail polish is SO this blondie’s color.)









 How to Make a Chicken Nappy

The overall dimensions of your nappy will depend on the size of “her chickenness,” so adjust these basic shapes as she grows. Up until 1 month of age, it’s best if she remain nappy-free in a confined, clean cage. (I leave mine nappy-free and caged at night, no matter their age.) When free to roam during the day, she’ll need a change every 2–3 hours, and especially if her nappy looks unusually heavy—why, she’s laid an egg! (This happens around 5–7 months  of age.) Your chicken might act a tad funny when you first put her nappy on, but she’ll get used to it within a few days.)

For body of nappy, measure from top of breastbone to vent, and add 3″. Ginger, 3 months old, measured 9″, so her nappy measured 12″.

For elastic straps, measure from top of wing shoulder to base of tail (where the tail feathers start), and add 1″. (Ginger measured 8″, so I cut two 9″ pieces of ½” elastic.)

Now, what to put in her nappy pouch to catch the not-so-fun stuff? Because I put mine in my compost,
I like to use organic products. A coffee filter works, but to keep it from collapsing and to absorb liquids, I put three cotton balls in the bottom of the filter. Or you can line the pouch with a self-adhesive panty liner. If you want to get high-tech, sew or Velcro a vinyl liner into the pouch.


  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    O.K. then…does she sit in your arms all day, or freely walk around? Just curious!

    • MaryJane says:

      She’s with the other girls but still keyed in to people and especially me. She’s a kid cuddler and waddles right up to anyone begging for some love.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I remember this issue and it had me wanting chickens so badly!! My husband keeps saying that chickens were not supposed to be cutesie pets! Wy not?? It is an argument we still keep having. I want to have a glammed up chicken coop and the allowable 2 girls for my urban tiny farm!! Maybe this year!!

  3. Raquel says:

    Thank you for sharing this – much appreciated! 😊

  4. Dianne Hallman says:

    Awesome!! And simple too!

  5. Ciska says:

    Could you please post instructions for sewing the diaper?

  6. marion says:

    Do you have instructions on how to make the diaper ❓

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