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Have you checked the energy use of your lightbulbs lately? I bet you’d be surprised to find you could be saving LOADS on electricity with the right brand. (Plus, you could earn a Cleaning Up merit badge:)

I am head-over-heels for this Philips brand of lightbulb B-E-C-A-U-S-E I have tried and tried to like fluorescent bulbs but I just can’t get used to them. I have soooooooo mourned the loss of incandescent bulbs. Guess what? This one COMPLETELY lights like an incandescent. Once it’s turned on, you can’t tell the difference. Wow. When I first discovered it—talk about exorbitant. One BULB was around $100 dollars. Like any price-minded shopper, I have been keeping my nose to the ground waiting for a price-drop. Last week, it happened. And I brought three of them home.

I found them for $25 each at my local lighting store. This bulb is so way cool because it’s estimated to have a lifespan of 22.8 years at a rate of being on 3 hours a day.

Some of the perks are:

~Superior life and low energy consumption
~Supplies warm white light
~Discharges virtually no UV/IR light in the beam
~Emits virtually no heat and will not fade colors
~Contains no mercury

Totally worth the money! You can purchase one (or more!) on Amazon or check with your local lighting store like I did.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Well, this is good to know. I am not in love with what is available either so this is well worth trial. Maybe our local Home Depot or Lowes will have them on sale over the holiday shopping season. Thanks for the update!

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