I was on a “pitch slam” panel of four magazine editors at The Creative Connection Event in St. Paul last month. During the month prior, potential “features” signed up and paid money in order to pitch who they are to us. The cross-section of women was fabulous and over time I intend to feature all of them—everyone from a woman who creates tiny victorian embroideries to a librarian who wants to write book reviews to a woman who traveled from Australia who specializes in zen doodling to a …

… welder chick.

Amber Conger, of Refinerii Industrial Revelations, is a full-time artist and sculptor of wood, stone, and other elements from Boise, Idaho with a particular affinity for gears and the industrial chic look.

Amber also has a knack for picking fabulous gleaming words! Her recently completed project, a 28′ tall weather vane, was installed in Boise, Idaho and is dubbed after that windy and rustling word-of-the-week (last week’s word to be exact), zephyr!

Oh how the zephyrs do stir my heart for this weather vane.

Her “Zephyrus” is made from a recycled stand from Idaho Power and the weather vane fashioned from salvaged steel. She also used left-over copper from another project, stainless steel, and the spinner was a gift from a friend.

The installation process needed extra hands.

What a beauty!

I was talking about the weather vane, BUT Amber is tall, statuesque and well, Amber’s compass definitely points …

… true north.

  1. Pam deMarrais says:

    Stunning…a wonderful composition by a very talented gal!

  2. Eileen Widman says:


  3. Amy Colburn says:

    I loved meeting you and your daughter at the Creative Connection, Mary Jane! I am so glad you were able to be a part of the pitch slams. What a great opportunity these women had to present you with their ideas and talent. The rest of us all wished we were a fly on the wall!! Thank you so much for giving us a sneak peek. Amber’s work is brilliant. I am amazed at how she creates such gorgeous curved organic lines in her sculptures with seemingly unyielding materials. She is a true visionary!

  4. Julia Rundberg says:

    Mary Jane, thanks for the great story about a great person- Amber Conger is amazing. The Idaho Botanical Garden, located in the Old Penitentiary Historic District in Boise, is honored to be one of the growing number of locations where Refinerii has artwork (count ’em, 3!) on permanent display. While her work is truly brilliant, even more important to me is that Amber is truly a kind, good and fun person. Can’t wait to read about other artists, and kudos to you for starting with such a good one!

  5. Amber Conger says:

    *blushing* Thanks so much for all the positive comments & for the inclusion; very honored to be a part of this blog: I’m a big fan of MJ 🙂 Thanks Julia; was just out there last week; the plaques look great!! We need to talk soon!

  6. Judy Jones-McCown says:

    What a work of art! Great job Amber! Do you come to peoples houses? hahaha

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