On Assignment, Part I

I heard a quiet whoosh and turned to find you-know-who trying to locate the perfect snowflake …

Ok, not really. Truth is …

like the song by R.E.M, everybody hurts, everybody cries … and everybody falls … sometimes. Luckily for my mother she had a beautiful, soft snowy cushion to meet her when her foot got caught in the rope she’d wrapped around the Christmas tree she was hauling … Wait! What’s wrong with this picture?

Christmas 2013? It’s hard. It’s hard trucking around a tree a year early while trying to smile and pose and keep your hair just so all at the same time. Have you ever tried chewing bubble gum and walking at the same time?

Time for an outfit change. Unless you think this is magazine front cover material?


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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness girls:-) I was just planning on taking a quick stop here before whizzing off to start my Saturday but you ladies have slowed me down considerably~in a good way. Now I’m smiling so hard (& not b/c you fell MaryJane but) b/c you look so genuinely happy.

    Happiness like that, is a tonic you just cannot bottle. Thanks for sharing this with us, I think all adult mothers’ & daughters’ should really play like this~in the snow!~at least once as adults. What a beautiful bonding experience. Could go on your list for things to do with your mom when Mother’s Day rolls around.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    P.S. My husband & I recently (two days ago) watched Bing Crosby’s movie, White Christmas for what must be the twelfth time now. Just so you know, I really like, snow`snow`snow:-)

  4. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Well I think the one of her on the ground with the Christmas tree behind her would work. TeeHeeHee!

  5. Debbie says:

    OMG…. laughing here… Good thing you were there to help her up Meg! LOL!!! MaryJane you could wear a bag over your head and still beautiful! Looks like fun!!! hugs, Deb

  6. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love the photo of Meg helping Mary Jane up. It shows so much fun and laughter together in the moment. This would make an awesome cover front. “The Gatherin’ o’ the greens” together for 2013.

  7. I think you’re beautiful just the way your are Mary Jane. Looks more natural. Real. Make a Cover.

  8. nothing beats farmgirl hilarity! This is absolutely magazine cover material! I treasure these pictures…

  9. Shery says:

    I fell too when we were tree hunting and I got to giggling so much I couldn’t get up 🙂 You look great with snow frosting!

  10. Megan Rae says:

    Thanks ladies. We had so much fun … the kind of fun where you laugh so hard you’d better cross your legs. 😉

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