My Strange Grandfather


I love that word. Repurposing.

I could ramble on …

(well, I think I have over the years),

sharing how many divine objets de junk

I’ve repurposed into things pretty, functional, and simply, way cool.

From cowboy boot flower pots and purses to t-shirt rugs and gelatin mold wall sconces,

repurposing is a process that not only births the banal anew,

it also satisfies a deep craving we have for frugality and make-do.

But, instead of jabbering on about my love of junk all day,

I want to share with you another little treasure I found.

(I admit, it’s brand new. But it’s ABOUT junk.)

I’m smitten with a little film that was artfully animated by a Russian cinematography student named Dina Velikovskaya.

Dina’s images express the junker’s passion eloquently,

without uttering one. single. word.

All it takes is less than 9 minutes to experience My Strange Grandfather:

My Strange Grandfather from Dina Velikovskaya on Vimeo.




  1. CJ Armstrong says:

    What a treasure! My hubby . . . also a “junker extraordinaire” watched this with me. It was a fun and delightful way to start the day! Very creative! Loved it!

  2. Connie Tilley says:

    what a cute little film. thanks for sharing that with all of your readers.

  3. Deb says:

    I was touched by this. I have some friends and even myself that are “Junksters” Beautiful. I have a large garden that I display my treasures in. Thanks for sharing

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