National Tooth Fairy Day??

Boy, did I luck out? Apparently, according to Nanny Jane and my mom, today is National Tooth Fairy Day. What a close one! Guess who visited two days ago? But what if I’d lost it last night and she’d been on vacation? Is it like the garbage truck that sometimes takes days to catch up after a holiday or does she just skip the day all together?

Either way, it was awfully good timing to jump on that trampoline at the birthday party. Although we did almost lose my tooth in the birthday balloons, my tooth made it safely under my pillow and the wonderful tooth fairy did sneak in and leave me a gold dollar coin and a trail of her glitter dust. So on her day today, I am still covered in glitter and my smile is missing a tooth, but I just wanted to say thanks, Tooth Fairy. Hope you are having a grand day!

stella tooth

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