Only 2 Days Left!!!!

“It has been a bit since I’ve posted in the MaryJanesFarm chatroom, but I knew that this was the place to come for some farmgirl support!” writes Ann of Forrester Farm in Belmont, Michigan.

Yesterday morning, Ann shared her recent mission:

She has been busy searching for a farm addition—a location that would allow her to expand her fabulous floral business and host dreamy rural weddings.


Photo courtesy of A Sprig of Lavender.

“We now have an opportunity to grow into an additional farm location that will support a you-cut flower garden, bridal and community floral classes, and small events like farm-to-table dinners by local chefs.”


Photo courtesy of A Sprig of Lavender.


Photo courtesy of A Sprig of Lavender.

But, as most of us know, making a major move in life (and business) can be daunting.

That’s why Ann has submitted her idea to Start Garden, a Michigan “seed fund” with a sensationally speedy turnaround.

Every week, this $15 million fund, founded by Amway heir Rick DeVos, gives $5,000 to two new ideas.

Every week!

The Start Garden team picks one idea, and the second selection is the idea with the most endorsements from the general public (that means us!).

“We want to invest in what you like,” says Start Garden. “The type of idea we’re looking for is an idea that could, potentially, become a business.”

Selected start-ups receive an initial $5,000 in seed capital, and then they have a couple of months to prove their ideas before returning in person to compete for additional financing at a monthly event called Update Night.

(Kind of like the Shark Tank show, but not quite so … er … cutthroat).

This week, Ann Forrester is going for it, and she’s hoping you’ll lend a vote in her favor.

“Knowing the farmgirl way of thinking, I’m thanking you in advance for support!” she offers.

I’d say she knows us pretty well.

All you have to do is:

  • visit this week’s line-up of 20 Start Garden ideas,
  • go to IDEAS
  • select Forrester Farm,
  • and click “Endorse This Idea.”

The site will guide you through a simple sign-in process via Facebook, and then your vote will be official.

But, ACT FAST, because there are only 2 days left to help Ann seed her dream!

Who knows? Maybe next week you’ll set out to seed your own.

Grow, girl!


  1. Judy Nance says:

    Done. Good luck. Sounds like a great opportunity.

  2. Helen L Olson says:

    I’d like a heads up on voting for things if you have to be on facebook. Going thru all the loading this page loading that page, then finding out I need to be on facebook and signed in.

  3. Ann says:


    I am humbled beyond words for your support on your blog. Thank you so much! I just saw the blog today, and was truly touched… ok, to the point of tears… happy ones!

    The voting ended today at noon. Two other ideas won the support this week – Congratulations to them. We can submit our idea 2 more times. I’ll keep you posted when we do. Thank you for all of the support in this round of voting!

    What a blessing the farmgirl connection is!

  4. Ann says:

    Just a little update… My husband and I feel that making this leap is… a leap, but a leap worth taking. We are in agreement and want to make it happen, but just need a little extra boost (push?) – SO, We are running a second time with Start Garden – for investment “seed money”. The Start Garden rules are that you can endorse 1 idea 1 time per week via facebook only. Please check out the ideas for the week and hit “endorse” if you like what you see for Forrester Farm. Here’s the link:

  5. Ann says:

    continued…. I’m sure that all of the farmgirls who love glamping would love another friend’s business that was recently funded – Retro Rentals, a vintage camper rental company.

    If the picture in my mind matches what I hope will happen with our expansion, I’d love to host a Farmgirl Gathering. Years ago, when Mary Jane put a request out for farms that might host a get together, I so wanted to be able to do that. This additional space would be just the place – for campers too :)!

    Thanks all for your support! Blessings,

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