false alarm

What do you do when you have a pregnant cow that’s breathing hard, falls to the ground, looks uncomfortable, and seems to be having contractions? Well, you assume she’s going into labor.

My dear sweet rotund Emma has about a month left before she gives us a little gorgeous boy or girl—according to our records (that may or may not be accurate). She looked a little, well, due yesterday and so we went into a tizzy—the news spreading like a head-to-toe farm rash. Ace and Karina hung about with cameras, farmhands kept an eye out, and everyone kept asking, “Anything yet?” Nothing compares to the excitement and sweetness of a newborn calf.

Royal pregnancies, Beyonce’s Blue Ivy … they don’t have a thing on our love of Jersey, cows that is! Not Shore. Today, our Emma is fine again but no bundle of joy. Yet.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Do you ultrasound your babies to make sure they are headed in the right direction and the pain is not from the calf lying such that it cannot get out? I would be frantic not knowing if there was some serious reason that the baby had not been born. Another worry would be a stillborn causing issues as they sometimes arrive early. Never having lived on a farm or working with livestock, I can only relate to what happens in nursing with term dates and issues with babies. When do you know to call the vet? Let us know how this all works out.

  2. Shery says:

    Maybe the baby was just in a place that was uncomfortable for momma…? Love your cow’s fudgey-dark face.

  3. Nan Roberts says:

    Braxton-Hicks in cows?

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