Leave it to a bunch of hens …

Those garrulous girls can be heard

all around the farm.


Is a raccoon causing the ruckus?

A weasel, perhaps? Stray dog? Barn cat? Eagle? Owl?

The uproar sends me running every time,

tripping over my feet and bushes along our pathways,

to see what’s ruffling their feathers.

And more often than not,

what do I find?

Just a coop full of cachinnating chickens …

What’s so funny?


Photo by Jeff Kramer via Wikimedia Commons

Cachinnate (KAK-i-nayt): a verb meaning to laugh very loudly or immoderately.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I know nothing about chickens but find them beautiful and fascinating. It has been through my membership to MJF that the entire world of chickens has opened up to me. I must admit if I had any, I would want them to sport cute aprons, of which the idea sends my husbands eyes rolling in his head!! You can’t be serious, he says?? The sad part is, OH, yes I am!! You are nuts, he chimes! But look here in the MJF magazine, I say. Proof positive hens wear aprons in some circumstances. And diapers so they can come inside!!! Conversation is now over. Hahahahaha! But, I am still serious.

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