movin’ on up in the world

As promised, here’s Lucille, our tractor, in action.


Putting our porch and ramp onto a flatbed trailer.


Sweet Dreams is looking, well, more than just a little unadorned.


But wait, here comes her “lift.”


Tomorrow, she’s homeward bound.




  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    A good place she is going, too!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Sweet Dreams is Homeward Bound in the “arms” of Lucille! Well, sort of in the arms. The project all looks like it is going on schedule without any big problems which is the best news of the day. Was this building an old, historic one? Or was the gingerbread trim added by you? It is going to be so much fun watching this relocation unfold into a new future. Your grandchildren are going to think Nanny brought them home the ultimate play house! Today is Wednesday: Wagons Ho!!

  3. Jane Sprague says:

    Mary Jane, you’re such a gift to the world. You constantly remind folks everywhere to take care of that which has been put in your basket and not just throw it away. It’s good to see your beautiful little shop begin its move to its new home. I’m looking forward to visiting someday!

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