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On our recent trip to Lindsborg, Kansas, I stopped by to give a big ol’ farmgirl hug to my friend and National Geographic photographer, Jim Richardson. (Treat yourself to some of his photos in his list of published stories.) He and his wife, Kathy Richardson, have a studio on Main Street called Small World Gallery.


If you’re a regular reader of Nat Geo, you know that Jim is still capturing the world in photos. In 1994, Jim spent a few days photographing us for a feature that appeared in 1995.



His wife, the lovely Kathy Richardson, has a jewelry making business, IBIS Woman Jewelry, that is to-die-for. Ok, it’s really to live for. We spent about two hours in a state of euphoric bliss sorting through thousands of beads, creating bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that Kathy, with a flick of the wrist, put together to create spectacular personalized jewelry. We were in pretty things heaven.


Her company, IBIS Woman Jewelry, now allows you to shop online. Go check it out if you’re in need of a fabulous gift for someone, or maybe just yourself. 🙂

Just look at her assortment and tell me you aren’t jealous.


Here’s what I took home: 2,000 year old calcified Roman-glass-turned-necklace.







And this one. Playful. Happy. Bright.



  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Hmmmm. I wrote a comment early this am, then got one of those computer update notices, did that but it erased my comment. So, let me say again that the fabulous jewelry shop in Lindsborg sounds just so fun. I will definitely be sure to visit when I finally make it there. Jim’s photos are so beautiful and perfectly crafted. They were part of the fascination for Idaho from your Ideas book and the links on your homepage. Your farm and surrounding countryside was breathtaking and generated a ” must go see”” longing in my heart! Both Jim and his wife are true artists!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Small World Gallery, MaryJane. It was a wonderful surprise.

    Jim and I love keeping up with what matters in your world. You’re always out ahead, scouting best practices and connecting us to the flavors, sounds, textures and beautiful sights of simplicity. You continue to inspire Jim so many years after he first met you and Nick.

    With appreciation and until we meet again,


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