My Goal

I officially signed up for a half marathon. Let me explain. I am not a runner. I never have been.

During physical therapy last year, I realized I needed a goal. After an accident that rattled my existence, I decided if I was going to have to start over, I didn’t just want to get back to where I was, I wanted to go beyond. So 13.1 miles it is. I may not run it all, and hopefully I am able to at least walk it, but when I cross that finish line and think of where I’ve been and where I am … well, I can only imagine. And that’s what I’m doing while I push myself just a little bit harder each day.


Presently, I am up to running a mile and walking a mile. And when I say running, I should clarify … my dog walks beside me while I run. I have the right motion, but the pace is a bit lacking. Or maybe slow and steady is how it’s gonna be, and I’ll take that. But I must say, that age-old saying that you gotta start somewhere is absolutely true, and once you get going, it isn’t so bad. I run down my usual route and think over and over again, how lucky I am that I get to even do this! I’m lucky I can run. I’m lucky I can breathe. I’m lucky my heart beats and my organs work …

I’m looking forward to a summer without too many obligations, but I do have running on the calendar. When it says 10 miles on August something-ish, it does feel a little daunting, but I have time. I’ll get there.

  1. Jennifer Memolo says:

    You rock Megan!

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Good for you, Megan! The goal is all you have to keep in mind. And you’ll do it to the best of your ability. What more could you expect? Glad you’re making the effort & you are thankful for doing it. WAY TO GO!

  3. Laurie Dimino says:

    Megan, how wonderful for you! And, how true- we are lucky/blessed for so many things that we take for granted everyday!
    I think it is awesome that you have set a goal and one way or another, you will “get er’ done!”
    Good luck to you- I know you can do it!
    Big Farmgirl Hugs,

  4. denise says:

    Megan, you have no idea what a blessing your comment was today!! I’m laying in bed 9 days out of a full knee replacement, crying in my oatmeal so to speak, cause I just want to be able to get back to my garden, I need a goal one more day!! it’s great to hear that there is an end (after physical therapy) !! thanks for your inspiring words! so much needed today,


    • Megan says:

      Oh Denise … I so hear you. One big goal, lots of little goals … whatever helps get you through. Big Farmgirl hugs!

  5. Eileen Stone says:

    How are you feeling most days Megan? Do you have some muscle damage from the shock?

  6. Karlyne says:

    What a horrific and scary accident! Whew, for the fact that you not only can write about it, but that you can use it to set new goals. (Personally, the only time I’m going to run that far is if I’m being chased by a grizzly…)

    • Megan says:

      Hahaha, actually just this morning on my run I was thinking about how good it feels to run and how necessary running is in an emergency situation and low and behold I ran the fastest mile I’ve run!

  7. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Good for you Megan! Getting back to a goal of running is hard to do because it is difficult and easy to injure yourself. Keep up the good work as you move forward in reconditioning yourself! IT does feel liberating to be able to do things again that were threatened from an accident, You go Girl!!

  8. CJ Armstrong says:

    Meg . . . I KNOW you can do it! You are young, strong, determined and focused . . you go girl!
    Robin and I have walked breast cancer events that included 20+ miles per day for three days in a row! And, other ones that were a marathon distance (26.2 miles) one day and a half-marathon distance the next day! We did them! We trained properly, stayed focused and accomplished our goals without injury!

    I’m rootin’ and hootin’ for you and if I could be right there when you run . . or walk . . I’d be making a lot of racket in your honor. By the way, walking it is just as admirable, so just do what works for you and your body! YAY for MEGAN!!!

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