Glamping Sites to Visit in 2013: Day 14 of 15

Have you ever been to Bonn?


Photo by Matthias Zepper via Wikipedia

Alas, I have not, but if I were to get up and gallivant to Germany, I would be compelled to book a night or two at BaseCamp, a refuge among Bonn’s big-city bustle that beckons my inner glamper.


Photo courtesy of Pop Up City

Housed in a revamped storage warehouse,


Photo courtesy of BaseCamp

BaseCamp offers the year-round comfort of a hotel (it’s indoors, complete with furniture and WiFi) with the charm of a retro camp-o-rama.

All of the rooms, as you can see, are housed in adorable “canned ham” classics and other vintage vehicles with nifty names like Flower Power,


Photo courtesy of BaseCamp

Space Shuttle,


Photo courtesy of BaseCamp

and Safari.


Photo courtesy of BaseCamp

Most of the trailers also offer cute little compartmentalized “yards” where you can lounge or picnic, soaking up the sounds of the campground.


Photo courtesy of BaseCamp

Rates range from $32 to just over $100 per night.

Sweet dreams!


Photo courtesy of BaseCamp

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    How cool is this! What a perfect get away with all the charm and fun of a campground except you didn’t have haul and set up your camper. It seems very family and cost friendly as well. Plus, you are located within the city for all of the conveniences of public transportation and touring. What a find!!

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