Ho! Portland

Good morning Portland. Thanks for welcoming me. You are one of my favorite cities! I can’t wait to see what you have in store today.

Always waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the environmental curve, Portland’s taxis are about as healthy as the granny smith apples above … because they’re all hybrid Prius. How cool is that?!

My daughter, son-in-law, and I were in town for meetings regarding our organic towel line. Get this. Fred Meyer stores say they can’t keep their organic towel shelves stocked, the towels fly out the door so fast. Be still my heart.

Portland is also home to Powell’s Books, the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. They have an extensive collection of out-of-print rare titles as well. Now my heart is really pounding!

Ah, but to be a book-reading, couch potato in the well-known Pearl District, if only for a day. I was in heaven no, Portland—next best thing.

The Piano Bike Kid in front of Powell’s.

 Bike sculptures on the street corners? Only in a trendy place like Portland.

Okay, my good friend, Alyson Oüten, recently challenged me to try some fish eggs (caviar). Okay, but I had a bigger challenge in mind. Last year, I watched a show about a mother and daughter who ate sushi for lunch. Within 24 hours, the daughter was in a hospital on her death bed, the victim of a parasite (known for shutting down your bodily functions) found in the uncooked fish she had eaten.

Ah, what you DON’T know, can’t hurt you.

A big fan of sushi, I needed to confront my fears head-on. What better way than to order a dish called “death by sushi” topped with fish eggs.


Now my heart is really pounding.

You go first Lucas.

Megan? I’m jumping if you’re jumping.

I’m here. I didn’t die.

Back to the Portland airport. Awesome place. Have you ever seen a parking garage covering in green living plants? The valet told me the greenery isn’t just any ivy, the garage is covered in roses that bloom fantastically every spring. Only in Portland, land of idealism!

I beelined it to my favorite place in the Portland airport, a baby version of Powell’s books. I picked up a copy of Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. Stay tuned. I’m half way through it.

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  2. Debi Chandler says:

    I loved your message… I have several similar ones I have been saving on my phone and would love to save… how did you get them loaded on your computer?

    • MaryJane says:

      Well, you can bet I didn’t engineer that. My computer guru fussed with it on and off for a week until he figured it out. I’ll ask him how he did it!

  3. Deb says:

    I love to visit Portland and agree that Powell’s is a must see. I also always visit Bob’s Red Mill for breakfast (vegetarian bisquits & gravy! YUM) and then a stop at the Pendleton Mill End store. I’ve been collecting remnants for a wool quilt.

    • MaryJane says:

      I met all the Bob’s Red Mill folks at a trade show in Anaheim.and would love to visit his “big red barn” to eat a yummy veg meal. While in Fred Meyer in Portland, I bought my first ever Pendleton sweater. I could spend some serious time in that area.

  4. J.F. Brown says:

    Wish we’d known you were in town, we’d have been happy to show you some great stuff, like all the backyard chickens in the middle of the city, the goat-rental (for weed & brush control) or a dozen other fun things.
    Hope to have you back here soon, and we’ll put on the coffee or tea!

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