ghostly sightings

Have you seen these spooktacular specters billowing around the Internet?


Photo courtesy of Shadow Manor



Photo courtesy of Wacky Archives

Oh, the chills, the thrills!

I love the “Wandering Woman” crafted by blogger Lori Nelson of Shabulous Creations:


Photo by Lori Nelson via Shabulous Creations

Crafted of good ol’ chicken wire (poultry netting), these ghostly figures and free-floating dresses are perfect decorations for frightening farmgirl fun on Halloween. Just imagine hopping on a hayride or wandering through a pumpkin patch at dusk …


Photo by Visitor7 via Wikimedia Commons

When suddenly you spy strange, ethereal figures drifting through a darkening field …


Plowing at Dusk by Leon Bonvin, 1865, via Wikimedia Commons

Gives you the shivers, doesn’t it?

Whether you have enough acreage to host a hayride or are nestled on a tiny townstead frequented by trick-or-treaters, your visitors would be delighted to find fabulous femmes fatales twining though the twilit shadows on Halloween night. And, you have just enough time to rig up a few ghostly gals using the basic technique in this tutorial from P. Allen Smith (leave out the rebar and pumpkin heads for a simpler project):

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These are so fun!! I love Halloween and these figures would be awesome. Your idea of a hayride is the best ever! With a little lighting here and there and some carved Pumpkin Moonshines, the ride would be spooktacular!!

  2. Great spooky idea, but you can use agricultural row cover, aka reemay, that is way cheaper than cheesecloth and lighter so it flows better in the wind. I get miles of it ( ok, maybe a little less) for my gardens and always have some on hand. I also make floating ghosts that I hang on the front porch using a balloon or ball as the head, just drape the reemay over it, tie with some string ,hang them up and voila, easy peasy decor. So simple a kid can easily do it, and they can also make mini ones with smaller balls, like tennis balls, and hang them on your trees. Alsoyou can get landscape staples for holding down landscape fabric much cheaper than tent ones or better yet, upcycle some old wire coat hangers and make your own ” staples”.
    So go decorate your place with all the ghosts you want !

  3. Oh what a creative idea using chicken wire to make ghosts and people, How spooky is that in the dawn.

    I love it.

    Nice job!


  4. Mary Wisecup says:

    Wickedly cute! Love, love, love. I will try to make one this fall. Thanks 😊

  5. Victoria Thompson says:

    Just love this!!! And Halloween

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