If You Want My Opinion … Which I’m Sure You Don’t!

Who says it? Can you name that character?

I’ve been hearing it from our bathroom while the girls brush their teeth, from the dining room while we eat dinner, hollered from the girls’ bedrooms, and muttered by the front entry while we pile our winter layers on. But who else says it?

Nanny Jane took us girls to the theater last weekend to see a live performance of Anne of Green Gables. We are so lucky to have a great little theater with great little productions in our small town.

Photo Nov 09, 2 07 34 PM

It was definitely a cold and rainy November day. A perfect day spent with Anne Shirley and a bag of popcorn. The cast was wonderful and catered to a younger crowd, so the girls loved it.

Photo Nov 09, 2 10 27 PMThe girls’ favorite line wasn’t one of Anne’s, but the rather nosy BFF to Marilla Cuthbert (Anne’s adopted Mum), Rachel Lynde.

“If you want my opinion … which I am sure you don’t!” is a perfectly fitting thing for two sisters to tell each other pretty much … constantly.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a fantastic opportunity for your family last weekend to see a live performance of this play. There is something so real and special about a live show that leaves big impressions on each of us. I am glad you all had the chance to do this together! I, for one, had never heard this saying, but I must admit it is a keeper to use!!

  2. Karlyne says:

    Moscow is such a lovely little town, if you want my thoughts, which I’m sure you don’t…

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