WINNER!!!! Giveaway: Ca-ute hand-warmers!

On October 30 we offered up a pair of red hand-warmers (see below) to our readers who told us how they prefer their bananas and we pulled Patty W. from our basket of names.

Patty W said on:

“I love sliced bananas on my peanut butter sandwiches.”

Congratulations Patty. Watch for an email from the farm!

And the original post was:

Meet our newest Project F.A.R.M (First-class American Rural Made) vendor and win the red hand-warmers
pictured below. project-farm-logo


The ca-ute hand-warmers and headband pictured above are the work of three sisters who call themselves “A Few Good Bananas.” The sisters make hats, headbands, hand-warmers, and gloves, with a combination of recycled and new materials and intricately handmade adornments. Their combination of boiled wool, cashmere, and other materials makes their products warm and lightweight. “We are passionate about our creations. We have taken extreme care to give every item its own unique personality, making sure that no two pieces are alike.”

From their website:

About Us
A Few Good Bananas is the creative child born to three sisters who value family, friendship, and community. Our family taught us very early on that it was more important to have active and creative minds than money. Our mom was one of the original up-cyclers. She found innovative ways to use thrift-shop finds or items that outlived their original purpose and passed that trait on to each of us. Our father used to say “never buy green bananas because life is short, and you never know if you will be around long enough for them to ripen.” After our dad passed away, our mom always put “a few good bananas” on her shopping list. Our friends, family, and customers tell us that when they shop, they think fondly of how A Few Good Bananas originated. We consider ourselves instrumental in the lack of good bananas at our local grocery store.”

We each bring our unique and whimsical senses to every design decision.


Enter our GIVEAWAY for the red hand-warmers pictured above. In the comments section below, share your favorite way to eat bananas, and we’ll pull one lucky winner’s name from my new A Few Good Bananas hat!

  1. Jennifer Memolo says:

    With nutella…Yummy!

  2. Karlyne says:

    The only way I really like bananas are with brown sugar and rum. But I really like them that-a-way! (and these warmers are adorable and I neeeeed them)

  3. Lisa B. says:

    BANANAS! We LOVE them in smoothies and frozen and dipped in dark chocolate of course that way they are totally health food right?! Totally Ca-Ute hand warmers would kill to get some, well that might be a bit harsh, but would at least jump up and down. 😉

  4. Brittany Adams says:

    I eat them in my breakfast smoothies.

  5. Susan Musgrave says:

    Down here in the south, we eat them on a sandwich with mayo, peanut butter, and a sprinkle of sugar on top! Yum!!!

  6. Katy says:

    Mmmmm …. Bananas…with peanut butter and bacon….yum!!

  7. Laura Law says:

    Anyway is good! I carry them with me everywhere I go for a quick pick me up.

  8. Norma Horner says:

    I love bananas sliced on my Cheerios in the morning. I love banana pie with Nilla waffers. But my favorite way to eat a banana is just plain. Peel and eat.

  9. Genevieve says:

    I love my banannas in a smothie with peanut butter and milk.

  10. Melissa says:

    I eat my banana with peanut butter & sometimes drizzle
    local honey over it 🙂

  11. I eat them plain while on my way to the barn and would be even better while wearing those cute red handwarmers!

  12. rhonda brooks says:

    I love my banana in a peanut butter smoothie!!

  13. Susie Wantulok says:

    We like to put a banana, or a few good bananas!, into a VitaMix with a little bit of peanut butter, milk, hemp hearts, flax seed and chia seeds (all organic of course) and have a delicious, filling breakfast drink!

  14. june deese says:

    Banana sandwich….banana with peanut butter on bread…yumm

  15. CJ Armstrong says:

    Fresh, peeled from the bottom end (not the stem end). But I also add them to my smoothies!

  16. Barbara says:

    My favorite way to eat bananas is just to have them for breakfast, plain. 🙂

  17. Cindi Johnson says:

    I have a calorie-free (ahem, really – no! I mean Really!) recipe for banana bread that is rich with butter, bananas and a good swig of rum that could be my favorite way to eat bananas. Still, bananas on a bowl of Cheerios just can’t be beat.

  18. Carissa says:

    I like to share them with my kids!

  19. Moya says:

    I love banana’s and I am finding more ways to use them too!

  20. Alice - Farmgirl #12 says:

    Banana bread warm out of the oven!

  21. Cheryl C says:

    I like my bananas straight up au naturel! And very ripe!

  22. Peggy says:

    Frozen, then puréed in the Vitamix. Tastes like ice cream!

  23. lynnia says:

    Since a child I have always loved bananas with peanut butter and honey

  24. Sharon says:

    I like sliced bananas with an almond milk cover.

  25. Lauren E. says:

    Not a huge banana fan usually, but I love to make my own banana bread.

  26. Dolly says:

    Love your work! Please enter me..I eat bananas just like they are pick one up anytime just to eat they are my favorite fruit with strawberries too! Congratulations A Few Good Bananas!

  27. Nancy Coughlin says:

    I like a banana sliced in half, lengthwise, laid on a bed of lettuce. Top with mayo and peanuts! Yummy.

  28. Peggy N. says:

    I love my bananas just plain and not to ripe!

  29. Vivian V says:

    Well, I must confess I do not like bananas, but I love the hand warmers!

  30. Judy says:

    It’s already cold here so sure could use your warmers! TOO cute!
    Love grabbing bananas for a ride in the truck with hubby checking cattle. Full of goodness like your warmers! Ripe ones for hubby & green ones for me. Dipped in cinnamon sugar….YUMMY
    Good luck for your creations!

  31. The ONLY way to eat bananas is in banana bread ! that’s my vote. And if i don’t win I will just have to ” cook up” some of my secret stash of wool sweaters saved just for boiling and make my own. Patterned Fair Isle sweaters make the best boiled woolens.

  32. linda b. says:

    With chocolate covered pretzels….perfect way to eat a banana!

  33. paula t says:

    One delicious way to enjoy bananas is topped on a peanut butter covered rice cake YUM!

  34. Rebecca Taylor says:

    Hum…well I think my favorite way to eat a banana would be to slice it up and eat it on an ice cream Sunday with raspberry sorbet and honey.

  35. Patty W says:

    I love sliced bananas on my peanut butter sandwiches.

  36. i heart salt says:

    Just straight up!

  37. Cheryl Corpstein says:

    As banana jam, using my grandma’s recipe

  38. Iris Foster says:

    BANANA PUDDING!!!!! That is how my family likes their banana’s. Real banana pudding not from pudding mix. 2 cups sugar, 4 cups milk,2 heaping T. spoons flour, 6 eggs yokes, T. spoon vanilla, 1 stick butter. Box of vanilla wafers. Nothing fattening about that. Your hand warmers are precious!!!

  39. Betty Thompson says:

    Those good hand warmers look great. Keep up the good woman’s work!

  40. Sandie Weinrauch says:

    I love a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich on fresh homemade multigrain bread!!!!

  41. Catherine Vande Braak says:

    I like my bananas when the peel is still on the green side. A little peanut butter to go along with it makes it perfect:)

  42. beki hancox says:

    I have, because of “belly” issues started to eat more whole grains, fresh fruit, and veggies, etc.
    I have created a Pitalicious- Peanutbutter- Sammie. I love it!
    Cut a whole wheat (read the labels) pita in half. Take a tiny bowl, and mix the following: bit of peanutbutter and local honey.
    Next, add raisins, small sliced apples, and few pecans. Put into pita, top with lots of sliced banannas
    and finally sprinkle with cinnamon and a bit of real maple syrup.
    I love this sandwich, and it tastes great.
    This is my creative use of banannas, and I so hope to win the gloves.

  43. Rita Bowen says:

    Love bananas frozen and straight out of the Yonana machine. Tastes just like soft serve ice-cream.

  44. Ginger Booth says:

    I eat bananas almost anyway you can name. But one of my favorites is sliced long ways between 2 toasted frozen waffles and sprinkled with cinnamon. Sometimes I sprinkle a few sunflower seeds for protein.
    Love these hand warmers and the creativity of the sisters at A Few Good Bananas!

  45. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, somehow I missed this post. Those hand warmers are too cute and practical too. Congratulations Patty W !! These are going to arrive just in time for the next round of Arctic Air for this November!!

  46. LaRoyce Eskew says:

    mmmm…..warm chocolate chip banana bread….the crust!

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