a little piece of Downton Abbey

What happens when you combine a dash of Christmas spirit with gingerbread, candy canes, and Downton Abbey?

I’ll show you what happens …

A little something, oh, like this:


Photo courtesy of Eggton.com

Or, maybe, like:

photo 4

Photo courtesy of http://getbacktothedrawingboard.blogspot.com

And if you want to see how such a miracle might occur, just watch …

I know some of you are taking this post to heart, as if it’s some sort of triple-dog dare. What can I say?

First of all, remember that there are consequences to taking dares …


Photo from A Christmas Story courtesy of Uproxx.com

And if that doesn’t deter you, then I triple-dog dare you to make a Downton Abbey gingerbread castle—and post pictures to prove it.

You still have time before the big day. Whip up some construction grade gingerbread (aka, “oven plywood”) and get busy!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Whoa, this is great. What a talented and creative baker to make such an incredible piece of art! Did you know that The Republic of Tea has a set of three tea varieties in their Downton Abby Collection? They look adorably labeled too. I am curious about Mrs. Patmore’s blend! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a tea party with a Downton Abby Gingerbread house and special teas? In period dress? That would be so much fun.

    • Karlyne says:

      I agree, Winnie, and I’d love to come! (Was this an invitation?)

      We keep putting off our gingerbread cookie day, and if Thursday gets cancelled again, we’re going to have to make New Year’s cookies…

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Karlyne~ It would be so fun to do a Downton Abby Tea. Too bad we all live so far apart!!

        Gingerbread cookies are delicious any time of year! They are a favorite of mine. As Dorcus , In Lark Rise to Candelford would say, ” They are one of my weaknesses!”

        • Karlyne says:

          At our library trustee Christmas meeting last week, we all had to write down our favorite cookie and mine was “gingersnap”, preferably made by my oldest daughter, who’s a whiz-kid cookie maker!

          And, really, how much farther apart could our geography be?

  2. CJ Armstrong says:

    Those are gorgeous and very intricate . . . but, I’m not up for that challenge! I’ll leave it to the diehards!

  3. MaryJane says:

    Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Twitter about this story.

    “Anna Bates (@MrsAnnaBates) retweeted one of your Tweets!”

    Yup, that’s Mrs. Anna Bates from the show! Happy moment!

  4. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Would love to try, but seeing as how I have trouble frosting a cupcake, I will leave this to those better suited to the task! It is wise to recognize and honor those areas where we are weaker and less inclined to do well.

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