Odd couples

You’ve heard the term “strange bedfellows,” right? Well, here are some downright s-t-r-a-n-g-e, but adorable bedfellows, for sure.

 Do you have any cross-species odd couples on your farm?

  1. Frankie, my so called outdoor kitty who made my couch his home during this ultra freezing winter, is very easygoing about the half grown opossum that comes to the kitchen porch to eat leftovers ( and sometimes Frankie’s bowl of food too ).
    It is common for nervous high strung race horses to have a ” pet” goat to calm them down , and those friendships are especially endearing. MY friend Joanne who trained olympic dressage horses always had goats for her equines.
    Its the big and aggressive animals that take kindly to smaller, weaker animals that always make us smile.

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