1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Old Man Winter working his strength. But, only for a few short months of rest and then the renewal will begin in earnest.

  2. Shelli says:

    we installed a 5000 gallon rain water collection tank that collects rain water off of our shop. Last year it allowed us to water the garden the entire year without using our well water!

  3. Shelley D Oliver says:

    I save water by waiting until we have a sink of dishes before washing them. We have a recirculating pump so that we don’t have to run the water for a long time before doing dishes, taking a shower, etc. We have low flow toilets and our washer is low water use as well. We have a drip system for our yard, with plenty of mulch to keep the ground moist. We do everything we can to be responsible to Mother Earth.

  4. Janie Percha says:

    I catch rainwater so I can use it for my plants and vegetable garden during the summer months.

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