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For a chance to win a FREE Revomax vacuum-insulated flask, tell me one thing you do to conserve water in the comments below. (This hot/cold vacuum bottle opens and closes with the click of a button—no twisting or screwing action needed, allowing one-handed operation.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    We keep water saving shower heads on both of our bathrooms so that water waste is cut back while showering. Also,in our yard, we planted St. Augustine grass that is heat and dry tolerant for this part of Florida eliminating the need to water much when drought periods happen.

  2. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    well. first of all I have many underground springs and have a waterfall on my property but the water comes from up the mountain where there is a lot of new construction so the water isn’t safe to use on my gardens. I use black plastic and red plastic mulch over my raised garden beds so they dont evaporate so fast. I don’t take long showers
    I am mindful of all the water I use. I wear my garden grubbies until they are filthy so not much laundry either, haha.

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Having grown up on a farm where we had to haul our water we learned all kinds of ways to conserve water. My dad was very strict about our usage and practices that have stuck with me all my life. There are many things I do but one thing I do is when I’m running water to wash dishes I fill the tea kettle with water while waiting for the hot water to come in to the sink.

  4. Deborah Powell says:

    We use water saving shower heads, a high efficiency washer to reduce water used doing laundry and plant native plants wherever possible to reduce the need to water in the gardens.

  5. June Rognerud says:

    I have been using all of my bath water full of epson salt Soda and essential oil to water house plants and garden .My husband just scratches his head,my plants and garden are beautiful and happy.the dog gets bathed in their to.I also run water to my big Berkeley water filter till it gets hot before I start the dishwasher,I could go on and on with my conserving water .i always think before I waste.

  6. Rachelle Hull says:

    I love to collect rainwater from my roof to water my perennials in the spring,summer and fall.

  7. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    We have a HE washer that cuts bank on a lot of water usage! I know there are many more ways to conserve water that I need to practice more.

  8. Grace says:

    We take short showers with water saving shower heads. Wash full loads of laundry. We use rain water barrels to refill animal troughs and heavily mulch the garden to prevent evaporation.

  9. We spend a lot of the Spring and Summer camping.
    I become so use to “Cowgirl shower” I take them at home also.
    Saves water and energy.

  10. susan b says:

    We put low flow shower heads in both showers and also switched out our toilets. Water some of my hanging plants in a stoppered sink so the water doesn’t run out the bottom. When my kids were younger they used the same bath water. Water left after a work out in our re-usable bottles is used to water plants.

  11. Linnie Nolan says:

    We use a wringer washer 3 loads with the same water 🙂 ((whites~lights & darks)) also conserve dish water and bath 😉
    Have a Merry Christmas !!

  12. Lisa Bell says:

    I use the dehumidifier water I collect to use in my washing machine.
    Also, while waiting for the water to heat up in the kitchen spigot I collect it in a container to water plants and give to our animals.

  13. LAC says:

    Let’s see…low flow showerhead, HE washer, mulch garden beds & rain barrel.

  14. Roberta Bacskay says:

    I use the old water in the dogs’ dishes to water plants.

  15. When water melts in our cooler, I use the water to water our indoor plants.

  16. Teri says:

    Low flow shower heads and toilets. Mulch on plants. 🙂

  17. Margo says:

    We carry water in the car to refill our water bottles. Water savers on our toilets and shower heads. Cat water to water plants, cooking water for outdoor plants, use the fountain water when I change it out for plants.

  18. Lauren Akridge says:

    High Efficiency washers, collected rainwater, and heavily mulching my plants are among the many ways that we try to conserve water

  19. Christy Wilkinson says:

    We catch rainwater from our metal roof to use around the farmstead (gardens, animals, washing, etc). Before we had running water that was our only source.

  20. Summer M. says:

    We drink as much of our own well water as possible! Bottled water is over-purified with disgusting chemicals, and it takes too much energy to produce.

  21. Honey says:

    I have a raised bed garden with drip irrigation, purchased HE washer, only run dishwasher when it’s full, wash only large loads of clothes, and turn the water off when brushing our teeth.
    These items would be so great to win, my job is as an itinerant braillist so I travel from school to school in our rural area to assist students. A good quality water vessel like Revomax would be essential to my day.

  22. Garnett Ashworth says:

    I use all leftover water that is sitting around the house (my cups, pet bowls, etc) to water my plants. Also use water filling station at work to cut down on the bottled waters they offer.

  23. Garnett says:

    I use all leftover water that is sitting around the house (my cups, pet bowls, etc) to water my plants. Also use water filling station at work to cut down on the bottled waters they offer.

  24. Susanne says:

    We use an HE washing machine, I water plants with left over water, and we have our sprinkler system set for just minimal amounts in the summer – just enough to keep the grass green for the neighborhood CC&Rs.

  25. Carol D says:

    I nag, and don’t feel a bit guilty about it!

  26. Linda Walker says:

    I use “found” water to water plants. I use a Pure Wash system for laundry – uses only cold water and no laundry soap.

  27. Rhonda R Waldo says:

    I have a HE washer and I am heavy on the mulch and have tried to pick the flowers and bushes that don’t require much water. If there has been quite a bit of rain I have used the water the sump pump kicks out to rinse my car off after I have washed it.

  28. Alicia Winkler says:

    We collect rainwater for watering animals and gardens. Also use an HE washer. Our cabin doesn’t have water hooked up to it, so it will be challenging to figure out. I plan on a much more extensive gravity fed collection system and we will be using an outhouse with composting toilet!

  29. Lisa Wojcik says:

    We use low flow shower heads, don’t let the water run unnecessarily and any water that is left behind in buckets from rain or melted snow we use to water the outside plants.

  30. DEE says:


  31. Karen Bayless says:

    We have 3 cisterns for collecting rain water with which we later water our potted plants and garden areas. In addition, we leave our irrigation off as much as possible in the winter, and during the rest of the year if we are so lucky to have rain (in CA!!!).

  32. Gail Richgels says:

    We have dehumidifiers in our home. I use the collected water to keep my plants healthy and happy. Thank you! Gail Richgels

  33. Joyce Huber says:

    Our source of water is collecting rainwater into our cistern, so I always have to conserve water. After I got married I first washed our clothes with a wringer washer. Then I got a water saver washing machine where the wash water went to a tub. You reuse the water in the tub for the next load. Now that the kids are grown and moved out I love my Bosch front loader washing machine. In 35 years we have not had to haul in water. We have come close, but it seems to rain just when we needed.

  34. Kelly says:

    We make sure to reuse all cooking water as well as catching rain water for outdoor plants.

  35. Dorothy Otero says:

    When I am waiting for the kitchen faucet to run hot water for dishes, I hold a half-gallon container under the spewing water until it gets to the hot temperature I am looking for. Then I set that water out and use it to water the houseplants (I have over a dozen.) and/or the outdoor plants.

  36. Brenda Lord says:

    We have water saving shower head and we put a 5 gallon plastic bucket in our shower to catch some of the water and also cut off water while shaving.

  37. Rose Ann Wong says:

    – save a ‘container’ of water each time the toilet is flushed by keeping a jar or other container inside your toilet tank – the tank will fill and flush, but each time the jar in the tank conserves water. It adds up to be a lot considering how often toilets get flushed!

  38. Rebecca Walsh says:

    I take quick showers in a water saving shower. I turn the water off when I brush my teeth and in the kitchen sink when cleaning it. Use rain water on the flowers and mulch on the flower beds.

  39. Allison says:

    I love reading all the comments below! It may not seem like much but I no longer use the jets on our tub because it requires so much more water to fill it up past the jets.

  40. Cheryl Watt says:

    I conserve water by using melted ice, or any water pulled and not used, it is recycled to water plants, do dishes, flush toilet, any thing not to be waste full. If it can be recycled or used its done in our house.

  41. Jane Ryan says:

    I conserve water by washing full loads of cloths and dishes. I turn the water off while brushing my teeth and many more. I also found some new ways reading the comments!

  42. Sheila Jones says:

    I read an article that says the average person uses 5 gallons when leaving water run during teeth brushing so I wet and turn off till rinse. Always wash full loads. I have sensitive bladder so frequent trips to private bathroom so I only flush every other unless company coming or bowel movement. Remember movie “Meet the Parents”, “If it’s brown flush it down, if yellow let it mellow.” Water saving is important to our environment. When we garden we have timer on water system when nature doesn’t cooperate with rain.

  43. Jane Demers says:

    There are low flow “gadgets” on bathroom and kitchen sinks. Also use rain water in summer to water flower bed.

  44. dee mallett says:

    Collect rain water to water our garden.

  45. Sierra says:

    We purchase HE appliances to reduce amounts used. We also set timers when using water outdoors for garden and stock tanks so we don’t forget and leave them on, wasting water.

  46. Kat S says:

    I, currently, take very short showers and less frequently. I’ve been incorporating this extremely rejuvenating spruce tea bathing. My skin has never left so healthy!

    I, also, don’t run the tap unnecessarily and am going to be incorporating a rainwater catch system this year.

  47. Katie Silvers says:

    In the summer time after my daughter swims in her kiddie pool we fill up our water jugs for the plants.

  48. One way i save water is by pouring water glasses into plants. I do outdoor plants with the dogs water as well.

  49. Toni H says:

    I collect rainwater, water plants with the cat’s old water and use refillable water bottles, both gallon jugs and personal size.

  50. Kelly B says:

    I collect rain water in barrels at the edge of my shed and barns and use it to water my three sets of chickens.

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