1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    How clever is this little ornament! It looks like it is coated in cinnamon sugar. Perfect for a small tree in the sewing room or any tree.

    Santa must be busy checking his list and feeding his reindeer some good alfalfa hay for their breakfast. Or more realistically, giving them a field plentiful in green lichens. When we visited Finland a feed years back, we went to where the native Sami people live which is mostly above the Artic Circle. The reindeer are part of their indigenous diet and they graze on lichens in the areas. Who knew lichens had everything they need for health? I love their fuzzy antlers and their gorgeous grey and brown coats.

    For me, I will let the reindeer alone and just enjoy Lingonbenrry jam on light crepes! The Lingonberries grow wild on the ground as well and the Sami make them into a jam to serve with the reindeer meat. Ummmmmm, who can choke down Dancer, or Prancer or Comet or Vixen???? I just couldn’t . I meant talk about getting permanently on Santa’s naughty list!

    • MaryJane says:

      Santa’s naughty list–indeed! Thanks for the smile on my face this morning, Winnie. Brrr. It’s 8 degrees here. Hope my “reindeers” teats are okay:) Their goods are part of my indigenous diet.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Brrrrrrr is right!! My poor Miss Daisy must feel a bit chilly? Like the real reindeer, most likely your reindeer are barely noticing much difference. Thankfully, Ma Nature has your back on this one!

  2. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    Yeah I found out the hard way that reindeer don’t eat carrots as I had been taught by my parents. We would leave milk and cookies out for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.
    When as an adult I got to finally meet real reindeer I brought along bags and bags of carrots for all the children to give to ” Santas 9 reindeer ” ( the usual 8 plus Rudolph ) that were visiting in our area. Well the “Elves” ( reindeer handlers) told me : “Miss ,reindeer don’t eat carrots! ” and I countered with : ” Oh yes they do since all these kids are waving carrots to give to the deer. Now, Mr Elf, you just collect the carrots for their reindeer midnight snack , ok? ” . And he dutifully did just that.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Merry Christmas, Mary Jane. May you & your family have a blessed coming year. Keep your wonderful magazine coming!

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