1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love the colors of this outhouse. This snowy scene brings to mind how families had to have a plan for keeping a path open for everyone during hard winter months. I am wondering what people might have done to make it easier and safer for older and more frail family? Grandparents or disabled family members would have been especially challenged and falling must have been a huge problem.

    Happy Friday MaryJane!

  2. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    happy second half of winter solstice Maryjane !

  3. Barbara Criss says:

    Disabled family members would not have went to the outhouse. There was a lot of use of chamber pots. No need to leave the house.

  4. Tonita says:

    Really like pictures of outhouses. Reminds me of how blessed I am. On my blog I did a post about the old outhouse that still stands (barely) just across from my old farmhouse. Happy to have an inside loo.

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