Hear Ye!

Below are the Merit Badges that were approved today.

Congratulations Sisters!!

Merit Badge Awardees (click for latest awards)

Debbie Fischer, #1582, Blessed in Colorado

Beginner Outpost / Farmgirl’s Best Friend

Beginner Make It Easy / Let’s Get Physical

Beginner Make It Easy / Relaxation

Krista Butters-Davis, #528, maryjanesniece

Beginner Each Other / Calligraphy

Expert Stitching & Crafting / UFOs

Hannah Frankowski, #6994, GinnyBelle

Intermediate Make It Easy / Relaxation

Denise Thompson, #43, levisgrammy

Beginner Stitching & Crafting / Embroidery

Tina VanDaam, #8431, TinaTina

Expert Stitching & Crafting / Quilling

Joanne Seruto, #7580, JoanneMS58

Beginner Stitching & Crafting / Sew Wonderful

Beginner Stitching & Crafting / Knitting

Beginner Stitching & Crafting / Cross-Stitch

Intermediate Stitching & Crafting / Cross-Stitch

Beginner Stitching & Crafting / Quilting

Heather Neeper, #4701, nndairy

Beginner Farm Kitchen / Kitchen Renegade

Intermediate Farm Kitchen / Kitchen Renegade

Expert Farm Kitchen / Kitchen Renegade

  1. Krista Butters Davis says:

    Congratulations everyone! It’s so exciting to see all these completed badges. Amazing work!

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