girls be gabbin’

Yarrrrr! Happy Saturday, one and all. Such positive responses we’re receiving from everyone about GirlGab. It’s SO much fun to see what everyone is up to day-to-day, and how much we all have in common! (Like, duh, totally.) Today, Rebecca Almy, Sister #3433, is giving a review of one of my favorite books, The Dirty Life, by Kristin Kimball. Andrea Furber, Sister #4019, is making …

… kefir, coooooool. CJ Armstrong, Sister #665, writes about getting together with her fellow Farmgirl sisters (I love all of your aprons, ladies!), while Cameron Kempson, Sister #3813, shows what to do with all of your stashed yogurt containers. Debbie Bosworth, Sister #1199, is participating in the Farmgirl Friday blog hop #53. And Cris Cantin, Sister #2910, has a recipe for a dynamite-looking Kalamata Olive Tampenade. These are just a few of the awesome things the ladies of GirlGab are up to today.


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