somewhere in Montana

 I’m on the road with Lily, my adorned, adorable Airstream. Headed east. South Dakota bound.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Fun!! I just received my copy of Glamping yesterday and immediately sat down to review each page. I cannot wait for time to read it word for word. Maybe that Willa happen over the upcoming 3 day weekend!! Enjoy your adventure.

  2. Crystal Shultz says:

    If you are going through Central MT (Hilger MT) and want to take a rest stop let me know!

  3. Marie Bucher (ReeReeBee) says:

    Please give a wave to my family on your way through! Columbia Falls, MT near Glacier National Park. I’m all the way down in Florida and I’m longing for some mountains…especially after our scorching hot summer.

  4. Greetings from the city, Mary Jane! I love your Airstream, and I love the beautiful Black Hills–my native home! I know you will enjoy yourselves and the beauty of the sounds (trout streams) and scents (Ponderosa Pine) while taking some respite. I just received my copy of GLAMPING, which is really for my mom for Christmas–if I can wait that long to give it to her! She wasn’t healthy enough to camp in her RV more than once this past summer, but I did my utmost to help out with their home and garden while she recuperated after surgery. One of the best ways we spent her recovery time was PLANNING A CAMPING TRIP NEXT SUMMER. She also knows I’ve wanted to sleep in a wall-tent on your farm ever since I read the passage about you ‘sleeping in a down sleeping bag under the stars in the winter’ from your book ‘Outpost.’ What I did do after that was to layer clothes, my winter parka, and grandma’s quilt and slept in the family mini-van outside in a downpour…AND, I LOVED IT! THANK YOU, MARY JANE, for ALL THE INSPIRATION YOU SHARE!

  5. Ruby Olson says:

    Enjoy reading your blogs about your camper and traveling experience. I’ve done that from Ohio to the Northwest, Ca. Oregon, Montana, etc. Fun!

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