No Way

Katie Terry is a Utah County woman who exemplifies gratitude. She already had two special-needs kids when she was paralyzed from the waist down in an auto accident. Yet in an effort to live the best life she can, she’s been running races with a hand-cycle. In fact, she took part in the Boston Marathon.

She is, literally, inspiration on wheels.

Think about it.

What’s the most inspiring thing YOU’ve ever done on wheels?

Photo, courtesy Wikimedia Commons, Mykl Roventine

For me, it’s probably not falling down.

Katie didn’t waste one second feeling sorry for herself. Strength like hers is the kind that’ll snap us out of self-pity when we’re having a toast-fell-butter-side-down kind of day. Such fortitude elevates our understanding of gratitude. It’s not about being thankful for the bonus things, the extras you have on top of everything else. It’s about thankfulness for what feels like less, or not enough. You don’t get blessed. You decide that you ARE blessed. And then … you are.

Thank YOU, Katie Terry!

Thanks for showing me there’s more to life than not falling down.

It’s about getting back up.

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