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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Lynne Parmenter!!!

Lynne Parmenter (Sister #5089) has received a certificate of achievement in Garden Gate for earning an Expert Level Herbs Merit Badge!

“This year, I have planted six types of herbs: lavender, Italian basil, pineapple sage, oregano, parsley, and thyme. In the past years, I have grown herbs and always dry them to use during winter months and will continue to do so. I like to use them fresh during the summer and fall months. My family and friends have always taken some home with them, both fresh and dry.

I have grown mint and chocolate mint. With these herbs, I use them in drinks during summer and fall seasons, sharing with family and friends. Once dried, I shared them and we use them in many recipes. The chocolate mint was delicious in the crock-pot cakes when we were home and in the Dutch-oven cakes we made camping. This year is the first year growing lavender. I will dry it and include it in the grapevine wreaths I make in fall—which I give away—and I also want to make some sachets for fresh scents.

DSCN1038(1)I have always done well growing my herbs. This year, I had to grow them in containers on my deck, but in the past, I have had them grow over their beds and when my husband mowed the lawn, you could smell their fresh scents. I have already used the herbs that I have grown this year. This is the first year for pineapple sage, and I enjoy using it when I prepare and cook pork. So delicious!!! I look forward to continue growing and using herbs. It certainly is enjoyable and relaxing.”

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Congratulations Lynne on the expert badge level! I love to grow herbs but lately they have not done well for me. Not sure why but I think I should try some container growing since you had a lot of success with that option. There is nothing better than fresh herbs to just cut and use in a recipe!

  2. Anita Rainey says:

    I, too, have been growing herbs in containers and had great success. My largest crops are in raised beds near our garden, and they have been spectacular. One bed is Sweet Basil, and we are enjoying fresh pesto at every opportunity. Sage and Rosemary share a bed, but I think they want their own spaces in the future. If you haven’t tried Browned Butter Sage Sauce on pasta, you are missing an eyeball rolling taste treat! And Rosemary/Garlic Roasted Tomatoes (the small ones, grape or cherry), or Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic (white or sweet potatoes, or a combination) are so delicious with meat entrees. Obviously, my garden and my kitchen have a wonderful relationship. Being a country ‘girl’ is a dream come true for me. Glad to know Mary Jane and all her followers.

  3. This year I discovered what they say about cilantro is TRUE! It turns to coriander very fast, especially in the hot Virginia sun. So I plucked it from the ground, hung it upside down on the potting porch and am harvesting as I need. First thing I did? Cold pack pickles—-yum. Second thing? Zucchini with cartelized onions and whole seeds! OMMJShood. At first I thought I’d never grow cilantro again. Guess what! I will every spring from now on.

  4. This iPad corrects everything and I always forget.

    Cukes, Zukes, and onions come from my dirt patch outback.

  5. Barbara Tabb says:

    I have 3 – 4 large shallow (perhaps 6 ins deep) pots for herbs that I set on top of a picnic table each summer….they are the perfect size and I grow perhaps 15 different herbs, making sure I have plenty additional of my faves: chives, basil, parsley. Those I tend to use the most I keep plenty of! It’s a big joke at our house….we call it my massive garden. One summer they stayed fresh and plentiful until Thanksgiving and it was a treat to cut fresh sage to use for my turkey! I’ve been doing my herbs this way for years – the deer just enjoyed my parsley too much when put out in the garden, decided to try it tabletop and it works great!

  6. Margaret Taffi says:

    Congratulations! Isn’t this a fun group to belong to???? I haven’t done much herb growing but want to do it next season so I can dry them to use through out the year!

  7. Lori Peters says:

    congratulations! Makes my mouth water! Has anyone tried to grow Stevia as a natural sweetener? My plant is beautiful, and the fresh leaves are oh so sweet. But now I don’t know how to process it. I just want to sweeten tea and coffee, not for baking. Any ideas?

  8. Lynne Parmenter says:

    Thank you to all my Farmgirl Sisters. Yes, this is a really fun group to belong to. I am enjoying it so much. I will be trying the recipes and tips for growing herbs. I really appreciate all your suggestions and reading your experiences.
    Have a fantastic day and lots of fun earning your badges 🙂

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