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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Starletta Schipp!!!

Starletta Schipp (star-schipp, #1927) has received a certificate of achievement in Cleaning Up for earning a Beginner Level Green Energy Merit Badge!

“I did a lot of research for this badge and shared my findings in the chatroom on the Farmgirl Connection.

It is so much information to take in and I was quite disappointed to learn that the electricity I use is coal-sourced. However, I did find that my electric co-op has a program to get up to 30% of my energy from renewable resources.

It is obvious to me that wind and solar are the most reasonable sources these days but their output can be inconsistent. Therefore, it is really lifestyle changes that need to occur. The days of not thinking about my power usage are over. I truly love this about the Farmgirl lifestyle that helps me to reach out to learn things I didn’t even know I needed to know … and once I know it, I can’t un-know it so it spurs me to make lasting and sweeping changes. Thank you for that!”

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  1. calle says:

    Congratulations, we have studied and longed for a solar/wind system for (en years now.
    Never enough money.
    How long have most of you lived off grid?
    Our place is totally off grid and life is totally different.
    I would love to setup vintage campers and have folks live a month off grid to truly experience the feelings of freedom. Amazing how your body and mind change.

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