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In light of recent news about the Israel–Gaza conflict, I wanted to share a story we ran back in 2005 in an issue of my magazine.

It was a rare moment of humanity in the blood-soaked Palestinian-Israeli conflict, highlighted on Israeli news broadcasts as an act of peace …

Read the story here: “Hope, life salvaged from death.”


photo by Al Jazeera English via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Such a beautiful story. It is proof that real people, who are not interested in political gain, can find peace with people different from them and share. When I was an operating room nurse, working the 3-11 shift, I had the privilege to help harvest organs with teams for immediate transplant on several occasions. I do believe that even in their grief, the donors find solace in knowing that they are helping children and adults have another chance at life. What could be more meaningful than to help give the gift of life?

  2. HEARTBREAKING and yet uplifting. How tragic the child was shot because he was playing with a toy gun. Guns and violence are all that these kids saw and that is how they played. To give the gift of life like that was a true act of heroism by that family. Let us hope that more can see the true way to have peace is to treat everyone equally and with grace. Thank you MaryJane for reminding us by reprinting that news story.

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