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  1. BB king says:

    that looks way desolate to me. deep snow? we got a blizzard like storm with high winds and then ice, I’m not even leaving the house today, its 15 now.

  2. Nielsen,Winifred T. says:

    Although, I have never seen or been to a ski resort in Winter, I am thinking it might look like this landscape? I am imagining this photo as the “MJF Wall Tent Winter Resort” view for endless hours of cross country skiing or snow show walking. Then back to the tents with little wood stoves for a warm up with hot chocolate and a good book! sounds like a bit of heaven to me!!

    My resident photographer just got a new super fast camera and special telephoto lens today that are made for optimum photographing of things in motion. Who knew you could get better photos than what he already has? So, stay tuned as he learns how to use everything. Tomorrow morning , he is meeting another friend who loves photography of birds as much as Warren. Those two are going to be there by 7 am so BIRDS, get your feathers groomed up because two guys are coming out with powerful cameras to capture your breakfast routines!! LOL!!

    • MaryJane says:

      I need a camera like that for night time campfire photos surrounding my moving people and never-still children. Suggest to Warren a campfire in your backyard, camera in tow:)

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