That’s a law, you say?

Craving a quiz?

Well, here’s one that’ll cause you to scratch your head in puzzlement before you even begin pondering the answers.

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The following is a list of incredibly kooky laws from around the globe. Try guessing the locations that passed the laws, then I’ll reveal the answers at the end of the post.

  1. In this city, you must smile at all times (except during funerals or hospital visits). If you frown, you may face a fine.
  2. In this small town in Italy, kissing in a moving vehicle is forbidden.
  3. Down under, in this city, it’s illegal to vacuum your house from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. during weekdays and 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. on weekends.
  4. It is against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 p.m. in this U.S. state.
  5. Don’t host a luau after sunset in this city if you plan on singing loudly (i.e., breaking the law).
  6. In this Celtic country, if someone knocks on your door and needs to use your toilet, you are legally required to let them enter.
  7. In this Texas town, it is against the law to make furniture while you are nude.
  8. In this state, which was one of the original 13 colonies, it’s illegal to tie a dollar bill on a string, place it on the ground, and pull it away when someone tries to pick it up.
  9. In this Polynesian country, it’s against the law to forget your wife’s birthday.
  10. Carrying ice cream cones in your pocket is illegal in this southern U.S. state.
  11. Taking a lion to the cinema is illegal—not in Kenya, but in a city on our own country’s east coast.
  12. In this country, it’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon.
  13. In this forested Canadian province, it’s illegal to kill a Sasquatch.
  14. You must not fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck in this windy city.


  1. Milan, Italy
  2. Eboli, Italy
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Honolulu, Hawaii
  6. Scotland
  7. Devon, Texas
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Samoa
  10. Kentucky
  11. Baltimore, Maryland
  12. France
  13. British Columbia
  14. Chicago

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These are really good! I bet that every state in the US has laws on the books that date back to 1800s. It makes me wonder why these sorts of laws just don’t get removed.

  2. Deon Matzen says:

    In a small town near where I live it is illegal to hang you laundry out to dry unless it cannot be seen from outside the property.

    Imagine that in times when we are trying to be ecologically correct?

  3. Karlyne says:

    Thanks for the chuckle. Not sure which one is the funniest!

  4. Krista says:

    Some of these have me seriously laughing! The third one about vacuuming is just too funny! It makes me wonder why some of these laws even came into play. But there is always a rule or a law because someone has already done it.

  5. BB king says:

    I like # 1, and trust me, when I was in Milan, lots of people were frowning and they didn’t get arrested. It was the least friendly or nice city I visited in Italy by the way. so there you go. Looooved Venice and Rome , they were always smiling there.

  6. Lorraine Hess says:

    Do you know it’s illegal to skip stones in Wisconsin?

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