Old-timer School Yarns

With a wink and a grin, old timers love telling kids about the long, arduous paths they walked to school waaay back when. You know the stories. They often involve deep snow, threadbare shoes, and steep hills (both to and from the schoolhouse).

But I bet you haven’t heard one that boasts a hurricane.

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Get Out & Meet Thy Neighbors

A recent study backs up my belief in the value of good neighbors. It turns out, talking “over the fence” benefits the environment, too.

In southwestern China, the Grain-to-Green Program (GTGP) helps farmers in the Wolong Nature Reserve reduce soil erosion by paying them to convert sloping cropland to forest or grassland. Scientists from Michigan State University found that the farmers most likely to re-enroll their land in the conservation program after their initial sign-up, were those who got out and hashed it over with their neighbors. In fact, the more times they interacted, the more land was enrolled.

Farmer of the Hani minority near his village of Puduo, Yunnan, China. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Takeaway

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Porch for a Pooch?

After doting on my big, sweet, injured Great Pyrenees dog for several months, I’m swiftly gaining a whoooole new perspective on pet ownership. Thank heavens, Periwinkle’s broken leg has healed nicely (it took forever because she’s old), and I do adore pampering her … but did I mention how BIG she is??

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Wish You Were Here!

Here are a few pics to bring you here for a visit. Saddle up!

8 o’clock sharp last Sunday, Kim and I saddled up, leaving the farm compound behind. (Shiny rooftops in the background.)

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Rascal’s Adventure

Time is ticking slo-o-o-o-wly. Stomach grumbling. Meow.

Our little furry friend Rascal was getting a bit anxious Saturday night in Ace’s apartment. Rolling around, playing with her blue, furry mouse, scratching her post. It just wasn’t as fun as her work week here at the farm as the design studio mascot.

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