Good Bookin’ Stage Set

I took one look and thought, “This is the stuff a bookworm’s dreams are made of!”

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Watership Down

What do you do when you find a tiny orphaned bunny under a hay bale? Why, you flick off your ball cap and carry it to a safer place.

 Has anyone read Watership Down by Richard Adams?

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever heard of the city of Solla Sollew?

It’s on the banks of the beautiful River Wah-Hoo, where they never have troubles …

at least, very few.

If you’re a Dr. Seuss fan (and, really, who isn’t?), then you may know the place I’m talking about.

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Figuratively Speaking


School’s in session, girlfriends.

And I have a Glitterati Literati quiz for you.

This is brain-flexing fun—volleying verbiage, prettying plain prattle, gussying up glib gab.

(Say that last one five times fast!)

I do love …

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