Make a Difference Today

The fourth Saturday in October is National Make a Difference Day. I love this and can’t wait to properly celebrate this holiday.

Did you know there is an actual Make a Difference website where you can organize a project, register it so others can sign up to help, download the logo, and possibly receive an award for your service? Not that we need awards for making a difference, but getting help with a big project is surely appealing! And if you don’t have time to do all that, you can join a project already in the works and make a difference this coming Saturday …


Designed Good

There’s no point in beating around the bush …

Or the Christmas tree, as the case may be.

Holiday shopping is looming on the horizon.

You’re seeing it, too, aren’t you?

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RAR! What’s an Agrisaurus?

Update: Jesse and his team have reached their goal! Thanks to everyone who donated! 🙂 Look for the new farming app, Agrisaurus, coming out soon.

Wow! Front yard garden? This is called Farmscape. I jumped for joy. You will, too, when you see what Jesse DuBois and his team have in the works at KickStarter. (KickStarter is a website that acts as a funding platform for creative projects.) In 2010, DuBois began project building and maintaining intensive food gardens for Farmscape, the largest urban farming venture in California. This venture soon inspired Agrisaurus. Which, by the way, is an awesome name.

Farmscape is defeating big food with small food …

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