I lost a good friend and editor

June 12, 2013

“I’m dealing with tears—not sad ones, the ones my students always brought when they told me I’d touched their lives. You’ve never been my official student (more the pity for both of us, I’d like to think), and in cold truth, you’ve certainly taught me as much as I could have taught you. But your little series “spawned and gardened and taught and eaten and laughed” overwhelmed me momentarily. And perhaps for some time to come.
I love you, MaryJane Butters, and love all you do for this planet and this species.”
– Will

And with that, he was gone. To prostate cancer. Quickly. As he was dying, in and out of consciousness, he asked his wife, Teri, “Why is this taking so long?”


Willis Lloyd Pitkin Jr. Obituary:

Willis Lloyd Pitkin Jr., the son of Willis L. and Dorothy Shuler Pitkin, died July 21, 2013. He did not expect to meet “Heavenly Father,” but if such a meeting occurred, Willis was likely the less flabbergasted of the two.

Will was born Feb. 20, 1936, and lived till 1969 in California. He was married three times—to Mary Frederica Calligan (who gave him a stepdaughter, Regan, and two sons, David and Paul), to Sandra Sanderson (who gave him a son, Joe, and two daughters, Sara and Clarity), and to Teri Haynes Boschetti (who gave him four stepsons: Rock, Brian, Tim, and Russ). Thorough and conscientious training from his first two wives prepared him for a wonderful third marriage.

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