Weed Dating

Here’s a fun one for you: weed dating.

“How will I ever meet someone in this concrete jungle?” laments the lonely plantain …


Photo of broadleaf plantain by Ernst Schütte via Wikimedia Commons

Just kidding. Weed dating is not a service for unloved plants (or any other recently legalized vegetation).

It’s a newfangled way for earthy singles to meet and mingle within their comfort zone …

Krieglsteins_posing_as_American_Gothic _posing_as_American_Gothic.jpg

… the farm, of course!

“Weed dating is the gardener’s version of speed dating, where singles meet over a vegetable bed and dig together for a few minutes before moving onto the next person, some even learning about the plants they are tending,” reports NBC News.

A woman wistfully awaits her weed date …


Photo by Jack Delano via Wikimedia Commons

(where is he?)

as she dares to dream of what could be …



All giggles aside, though, weed dating is turning out to be a wonderful way for people to connect in person rather than online (ick) in a wholesome environment rather than, say, a bar (double ick).

How cute is this?

Weed Dating from farmrun on Vimeo.

And, who knows? Weed daters might just sow a match made to last!


American Gothic by Grant Wood, 1930, via Wikimedia Commons

Want to host a Weed Dating event at your farm this year? Check out the way they do it at Earth Dance Farm.