The Language of Smiles

This morning, as I was getting ready for my day with both girls running circles around me, I found myself daydreaming of my recent work trip to Guatemala (details coming soon) and had an interesting realization …

Why was it so deeply satisfying to go to a country where my ability to communicate through language was so limited? A place where I was able to leave my smart phone off the entire time? A place where I was dependent on communicating with only my hands and facial expressions instead of words … or texting, or e-mail, or Facebook, or blogging?

It is good to be reminded of the simplest forms of communication.

I am grateful to remember today that a smile can say everything you need to say. And if you aren’t face-to-face, a smile can still be heard. If you don’t believe me, test it by recording your voicemail without a smile, then again, with one. You can hear the difference. I promise.

  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Oh Meg,
    What a great topic, and so very true. I have a little sign on my desk at work that says “Attitude is everything….SMILE”. I am definately a person that believes in the power of a smile! Thank you for reminding us all, just how important it is to do just that each and every day.
    Smiles and Hugs,

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  3. Mary Shivley says:

    Oh my dear friend, how true this is!!!! You realize the power of the human spirit when you can communicate with your eyes and a smile! I will never forget when I was hopelessly lost and two women on the streets of Krokow, Poland who taught me to read the rail system and pointed me in the right direction without saying a word I could understand! The only way I could show my graditude was a smile and a hug. A moment in time I will never forget.

    Love Ya Megan!

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