Cinco de Mayo

If anyone ever asks you, “When is Cinco de Mayo?” don’t fall for it—just remember when you learned to count to ten in Spanish: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco …

Cinco de Mayo is of course Spanish for the 5th of May.

Cinco de Mayo, 1901 poster, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, bking

Here are a couple of things we should know about this holiday:

At our local bar it may be just a day to …

… celebrate with margaritas, but there’s actually more to it than tequila.

Some folks call it Mexican Independence Day, but that’s actually September 16th.

So, what the heck is it?

Dancers at the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival in Washington, D.C. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

May 5th was the date the Mexican army defeated the mighty French forces at the Battle of Puebla way back in 1862. In the United States, we set aside this date to recognize Mexican heritage and spirit, and also to celebrate the idea of freedom.

And, yes, drink a lot of margaritas.

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