What defines you?

At the doctor’s office recently, I heard myself say, “Well, I can’t let this define me.” (Lingering injuries from an accidental electrocution continue to test my patience.)

Driving to the farm the next day in the early hours of daylight to cook breakfast for our Bed & Breakfast guests, I was thinking about that statement. If I don’t want it to define me, what do I want to define me? …

What defines me? How do I perceive myself? How do others perceive me? Do I place things that define me in the same order on the list of those things which actually define me?

Later that night, when I had a little more time, I answered these questions. Mother to two little girls was first, partner to my husband second, then assistant and bff to my mother third … Those three were easy, but then what was next, and in what order do they actually fall? Editor/writer makes me really proud, so does crafter, communicating well, throwing a good party, making people’s days … And what about the things I don’t want to define me? Health stuff or money stuff. I can’t just PUT them on the bottom of the list, I have MAKE them the bottom of the list by making the others stronger/bigger/more a part of who I am.

Am I really that nice? I think I am, but can I be even nicer? Whenever someone meets my dad, Nick, they always say, “What a nice guy.” Being nice defines him; it’s high on his list. And he always makes an effort to be nice.

Or how about the things that used to define me? Well, they don’t anymore, so I can let go of them! That’s nice in some cases, but I do still like to tell my kids I used to drive a combine. Although with all the new gadgets like gps and such, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do if I climbed into the cockpit today. But maybe, just maybe, I’d start ’er up and figure it out since I know I have done it … so maybe it can still be on my list … or maybe I should get out there and try it again, just to preserve that definition of me a little longer.

I’m really enjoying this process … and my plan for now? Be the person I think I am. What defines you?

  1. Elizabeth Colvin says:

    What a great post Meg!!!! I’m starting on this right away! What defines me…..I’ll let you know what I come up with! Thanks for your post! Something to think about!

  2. Hello Meg! Such a good question to ask oneself….always tricky to balance roles, life “have-to’s” (money etc), and the person we really want to project to the world. Also, social media tends to play a large part in that definition these days……hmmmmm…making my own list tonight:)

    p.s. AND, awfully sorry to hear you still have lingering effects from that night-oy.

  3. Theresa says:

    Meg-I love this post. I think about this often.So many levels of defining oneself. Physically, our personallity or characteristics, our minds, our spirits. How do we pull all these areas together and define who we are? I really think about this when it comes to my youngest son (13). He has been the boy with “auditory processing disorder” and “cholesteotoma”. Now that defines him??? It’s a label really, because in the end this is a very small part of who he is. At times these things have consumed our lives. All we talk about, think about, cry about. Then we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start agian. At the end of his youth, are these things going to define him, or his he going to be the kind of man who is bigger then that. I care for adults with developemental disabilities and one young man in paticular knows no such things as far as “define oneself” or looking at people with those perceptions. He is truely genuine. I would love to see the world through is eyes. No labeling.Pure. This is is so deep and my thoughts so random, and I really appreciate you and your post.
    defined by my poor grammar ; )

    • Meg says:

      Thanks for your response. I love your random thoughts…I was a bit worried my post might be a bit too random too. But it’s from our hearts…thank you Theresa.

      ps. I am not a person to judge grammar, just ask my mom! 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    Wow! Love this Meg…Oh, well let’s see… Mom to my two kids, Wife to my hubby, BFF to my mom too!
    What else? KIND… if I could be described as only one thing it would be KIND… the rest of ” me ” is what I do to fill my time creatively and hopefully inspire others! I must admit… being your BEACH farmgirl blogger/contributor is something I LOVE about what defines me! Great post and wonderful thoughts!

    Ya know, it’s hard to define a person entirely, we are always growing and changing… but at the heart of it all I think we are always just ” us “…
    lots of love…
    PS. I’m sorry to hear that dad burned ‘shock ‘ is still giving you fits…You won’t let it beat you… I know it!

  5. CJ says:

    Hey Meg . .
    . . first of all, I SURE MISS YOU and our past more regular emails with each other!
    Secondly, you ARE nice! You’re more than nice! You are an awesome woman with a lot to offer to your family and your community.
    It is GOOD for all of us to step back, look at our lives and who we are and make those “definitions” so that our perspective is proper and outlook focused in the right direction.

  6. CJ says:

    P,S. I’m sorry the electrical injury is still a bug-a-boo . . praying for healing and resolution.
    AND, I LOVE THE PICTURE! A girl after my own heart!

    • Meg says:

      You know this is what the photos really look like! It’s really hard to get me looking like they do!! HUGS darling! Miss you too but I love following you around via this world wide this summer!

  7. Lynne says:

    You are new to me. One of the BEST new blogs I have visited in awhile.

    “What defines me?” . . . has had me in thought mode since someone sent me your site a few days ago. My first thought was a recent injury I have had . . . and how I don’t want it to define me. Visable injuries can do some defining . . . the discussions turn to . . . “what happened.”

    My second thought of ME definition was CARING, . . . I do. My first natural response to almost anything . . . the “care” button clicks on. I guess, a LISTENER might be a defining of me too . . .

    As I said . . . I am thinking, this is good . . .

    I so enjoy your blog chapters.
    Love, Lynne

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