Bee Good to Your Mother Earth

Wondering who I am? I’m Merit Badge Awardee Jane (MBA Jane for short). In my former life

For my newest Merit Badge, Bee Good to Your Mother Earth, I am attempting no small feat. Well, it’s kinda small if you’re going to compare me to my neighbor, Mrs. Over-Achiever Gardener, but I have to start somewhere. Someday, maybe, perhaps, if I dream big, I can compete with her award-winning pumpkins, larger than life zucchinis, and heirloom tomatoes, but for now, I am setting realistic goals:

An herb garden.


Seriously, hens, I can taste the pesto now! And the homegrown dill I will use for canning pickles! After I learn to can. And after I grow some cucumbers. And the oregano I will toss into my marinara! The cinnamon for my hot cocoa!

Wait. Can I grow cinnamon? Never mind the cinnamon.

The parsley! The sage! The rosemary!

Excuse me while I wax sentimental about Simon and Garfunkle …

Okay, I’m back. Sorry, sometimes I’m taken over by soft rock.

Anyhow, I had a blast picking out my organic seeds from the nearby nursery. I even had fun picking out my organic topsoil and my little gardening spade from the dollar store! I think it’s meant for little kids and their beach sandcastles since I had to nearly wrangle the last one out of some boy’s hands, but no matter. He’ll get over it soon, I’m sure. Besides, it was pink! It needed me.

So, I started off strong with all my shopping abilities kicking into full throttle like that, but as soon as I got home, things started going awry. First, I forgot to keep track of my seeds and threw away the packages (sometimes I get so excited about recycling, I get ahead of myself), so they got all messed up and I didn’t know my coriander from my thyme. I figure it’ll just be an adventure when they start growing, right? I’ll be like the spice detective. I need an action figure! Wait. I AM an action figure.

So then I figured, what the heck? Why not just let ‘em mingle, you know? So, I spread them all lovingly in tiny, sweet rows in my darling clay pots. It was like tucking them in for the night. I kind of wanted to sing them a lullaby or read them a story. I heard once that plants like music, so I set up my Ipad near them and put on a little Simon and Garfunkle for the night.

It’s been a while now, and they’re starting to sprout. My little garden is coming to life! I’m like a proud mama. I still don’t know which is which since they’re all green. I was kinda hoping they’d talk to me, but no such luck. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll just learn to make some of those herb bouquet garnis I’ve seen on the Food Network. When life gives you lemons, make a bouquet garni, I always say.

As soon as they really start to flourish, I’m totally inviting my neighbor over for tea. Her jaw is gonna drop with spice girl envy.

Reap the whirlwind, Mrs. Over-Achiever Gardener! Reap the herb-a-licious whirlwind!

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