blue eyes for blue eyes…

My mother-in-law has brilliant blue eyes that she passed along to her son, and now, our oldest. It works out well when both grandmothers have blue eyes—someone is bound to inherit them.

On the drive to meet my mother-in-law for the first time, prior to her being my mother-in-law of course, I was so nervous, the sweat was …

dripping down the backs of my legs. I kept telling myself I’d met boyfriends’ mothers before, so what’s the big deal?! Well, I wasn’t exactly fooling myself, I knew this boyfriend was it—the rest were just practice runs leading up to this moment. As I climbed out of the car that day, she walked right up and gave me a big hug before my feet had barely hit the ground. And the rest, really, is history. For how in love I was with Lucas before I met his family, meeting his mother confirmed it.

And I probably don’t tell her often enough how much I appreciate her.

So when I saw these earrings, made by a friend of mine, Mountain Blue Eye Jewelry, I thought I’d get them in the mail just in time for National Mother-in-Law Day (October 28).


  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I had the greatest mother-in-law!!! She was always so understanding, loving me from the first, too, and being my biggest advocate, for which I will be forever grateful! I hope I’m the same kind of mother-in-law!

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