Sandy Aftermath

Thinking of our friends in the East.

  1. Alice - Farmgirl 12 says:

    Thank you – that was scary yesterday. I live inland a bit so we didn’t get the torrential rain and flooding from the coast, but the wind was unbelievable – going out in a bit to survey the damage. Waiting to see if the governor is lifting the ban on keeping non-official vehicles off the roads again today. If not, no work again today! I must say, it was so very gratifying to see all the well wishes via Facebook and email. Thank you again!

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    We are out here in CT. visiting our kids about 26 miles from the Coast. The hurricane is gone, and all we got were high winds and some rain. We are thankful.

  3. Laurie Dimino says:

    Here on Long Island, over 700,000 are without power.We are one of the fortunate few whit electricity but no phone/cable or internet. I came over to my sisters house where she has everything….so I am able to check email etc. Schools closed tomorrow- a this point I am thinking they might not reopen this week. Lots of trees down, but havent heard anything about people injured here thank God. The Island is a Mess, but we are grateful that everyone is safe. Now the cleanup begins, Prayers for all that are without power. Stay strong and safe.

  4. Debbie says:

    All is well here in Plymouth, MA . The beach roads and cottages in our beach community dodged a bullet with this storm. Word this morning was, not much dune erosion, no wash outs on the only road in and minimal snow fence damage…WHEW! We were without power for about 15 hours, but it was on this am in time to make pumpkin spice coffee! Our New York and New Jersey neighbor’s got hit very hard… Counting our blessings here and keeping our more southerly eastern seaboard neighbors in our thoughts and prayers today…
    Thanks to all for the well wishes on the Beach Farmgirl blog and facebook!

  5. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I have been glued to the TV watching all of the events. We are still having high winds here in Florida from the effects of storm which left us on Monday!

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