Before I Die, I Want To …

I’ve always thought that one of the most profound ways I can show gratitude for the good things in life is to GO FOR IT.

For what?

A dream, a goal, a passion—call it whatever. If some far-fetched idea excites me, makes me bound out of bed before dawn, I am pure and simple—grateful. After all, inspiration is one of the best things ever. Why waste opportunities. Aren’t they all golden? Even the failures—that’s how we learn. What if a baby didn’t crawl or a toddler walk because they were afraid of falling or failing?

I’m smitten with the Before I Die, I Want To … Project. If you go right now and visit the website, you’ll see what I’m excited about. I don’t have to tell you anything more about it. You’ll get it. Of that I’m sure. You’ll get it because it hits that certain deep nerve in all of us that tells us we want to live deliberately … now.

But, wait. It gets better. The story behind the site is an inspiration in itself. A few years ago when the Polaroid camera company announced that they would stop making instant cameras, New York City photographer Nicole Kenney began snapping hers like, well, like, there was no tomorrow.

A sunflower shot on slightly expired Polaroid 600 film. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Ryan Notch.

Kenney partnered up with fellow photographer KS Rives, and the pair took their Polaroids on the road, traveling worldwide to ask people out-of-the-blue what they want to accomplish in life. The answers, from the whimsical to the heartbreaking, were documented by means of a dying camera, and you can see them for yourself on the project’s site.

“We thought this question would be really fitting,” Kenney said, “because technologies die and people die. Everything is impermanent.”

All the more reason to embrace life’s possibilities. What’s your dream?

  1. My dream is to meet you! To say thank you in person. How’s that for inspiration….

    • MaryJane says:

      I’ll leave the tent flap open, my friend!

      • Yippee! However, since it is unclear at this time how long you’ll have to leave the tent flap open for me, I suggest you position and park(?- I do not have experience with horses of any size and don’t know if you “park” them like a car or not) Nutmeg, the tiny wonder horsey, by the tent to keep out intruders, such as Moose, until I get there…

  2. Anna Russiano says:

    My dream is a ranch… a place for people who serve others to come and recharge at no cost to them.

  3. Chrissy says:

    My dream is also a ranch, but I would like to have it be organic with a small herd of cattle. But more realistically I’d settle for some chickens. I severely miss living on the farm. I do the best I can in town with a garden and a dog.

  4. Lis says:

    I love your take on gratitude! I like the idea of doing something, taking action to show your gratitude, rather than just acknowledging that you are grateful. I think this will help me stay focused on what matters! Thanks!! (by the way, I have been making your Bakeovers and my family and I simply adore them!)

  5. Meg says:

    Lis, glad to hear the BakeOvers are a hit. Taking action is always on my list of things to do too. Happy day to you!

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