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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Marsha Gulick!

Marsha (Osagegypsy, #2988) has received a certificate of achievement in Garden Gate for earning an expert Level Horse Dreams badge!

“In 2005 I bought four Gypsy Horses with the savings my father left me. He always wanted to give me a horse, so I knew this was a good investment for me. I researched the Gypsy Breed, sometimes called Vanners or Cobs; and where it originated in the UK. I joined a forum and learned SO much from the folks I met there. After researching and buying Gypsy Horses, the REAL learning started. I read books, The Soul of a Horse, Foaling books and magazines.

We now own 10 horses and have raised and sold a number of them.

We are very careful about breeding to good stock and do not over breed. Our mares give us one or two foals a year and they usually sell quite easily. My goal is to bring this wonderful, gentle and beautiful horse to more people in the USA. They are true family horses and are born curious and unafraid. They do not spook easily and are great with children. The friends I made online and at shows helped me so much. Since we bought mares that were already pregnant, we had a huge learning curve.

I have learned much about the horse rescue business and try to support our local group. I have also donated artwork to an online fundraiser group called Love of the Valiant Equine fund that is on Facebook.

We began to show horses at small shows, in big places. Our first show was at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Raising and breeding horses has been such a wonderful part of our lives. It has brought blood, sweat and many tears; but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have had many years of wonderful memories and lovely new friends since we got in to the horse world. It is not always easy. We have lost two foals and have learned that mares are not easy birthers. We are still learning every day!”

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