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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Barbara Roberts!

Barbara Roberts (Healthy Eating, #2237) has received a certificate of achievement in Each Other for earning an Intermediate Level Blogging Merit Badge!

“Tina Frey’s book, “Blogging for Bliss” (which I got at the library,) was very entertaining and informative. I had already started a blog using WordPress back in November 2012 and this book helped me learn how to use it better.

The topic I chose was gardening, which is an extension of my passion for helping people to find optimal health. It to me is the next step that people should be taking to insure that what they are eating is the highest quality available.

Growing your own food is of paramount importance when you look at everything that is being done to our food supply. It is scary to me and I am doing what I can to be as self-sufficient as possible and that’s what I am blogging about now.

WordPress seemed to be the hosting site for blogs that most people recommended, so that is what I went with. I had first chosen the name “Healthmaker” since that’s the closest thing to “Healthy Eating” I could find that was available.

However, I just recently (after reading the book on blogging) decided to simply use my name so that any future subjects I wanted to write about could be included.

The name I finally chose for my blog is barbarajroberts.wordpress.com. My first post was written November 15, 2012 and I have done a few posts every week. It’s mostly about gardening, with tips for the beginner gardener, since that’s what I am.

I hope to help others learn from my mistakes so that they don’t have to make them. I’m going right now to list mine at Girlgab.com. Here’s to a great harvest and good food from your very own garden!”

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