1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Fragrance and beauty matched! Stunning colors!!

  2. I use MJF for an altered journaling course. Every gal LOVES MJF. They usually subscribe. Great to help faciltate authenticity. Stirs many memories. Thank you.You

  3. elaine reeves says:

    I have been reading MJF for a couple of years now and enjoying every artical. You see I am a farm girl. I feel every artical was written just for me. Some times I wander what the heck I am doing and then I read your magazine and I feel grounded again. Thank you so much for every thing you do.

  4. Dolores Berkstresser says:

    What I love about MaryJane’s Farm most, is the back to basics lifestyle you help farmgirls, and wanna be farmgirls like me, acheive or aspire too!!! Also the best years of my married life were there on the Palouse, I only lived there a few short years but it will forever be a treasured home away from home. Sure miss “home” on the Palouse. Your beautiful & educational magazine brings me back & helps me live the farmgirl life here in CA where I love & also call home. Thank you for sharing your vision! Sincerely, Dolores

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