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Photo by Osvaldo Gago via Wikimedia Commons

Well, then it may be time for you to Wanderu.

Not a typo, girls—it’s a nifty new website that gathers bus schedules from multiple carriers, helping travelers find cheaper, faster routes.

“How is it possible in this day and age we can find any information we want in the Internet, but yet I can’t find out how to get from point A to point B, using non-air transportation?” asks Polina Raygorodskaya, CEO and co-founder of Wanderu, recalling her struggle to find efficient bus transit when she worked in New York and Boston.

Wanderu, she says, makes it effortless for you to find and book inter-city buses (and trains) between any two points in the country. “It’s super easy to use and completely free!”

Plus, the concept makes great sense environmentally. According to Raygorodskaya, “One bus takes 55 cars off the road. I think we’re solving an amazing problem.”


  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    When we are in the city, we use the transit whenever possible.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I so wish we had more mass transit options in America. In more rural areas, we are so dependent on cars because there are just not other affordable options. In Europe, trains run between cities making it easier to get places without driving. Within cities, there are more options like street cars that connect all parts of the cities together. The larger cities have subways that are perfect for getting around. In my opinion, Americans are going to have to have a mind set shift away from cars and embrace and FUND mass transit options. You cannot build enough roads to make traffic better. If you don’t understand, just try to navigate routinely in Atlanta, Ga. Huge interstates, lots of lanes, brutal traffic snarls every single day just never seem to get better. I would also like to add that freight trains can carry several tons of freight on one gallon of fuel. Wouldn’t interstate traffic be so much better if we had all those semi trucks off the roads and the freight on big trains instead? I would vote YES on that one!!

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