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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … the Krell family!!!

Alysha, Caleb, Emma, Ethan, and Paige Krell (Young Cultivators of Jessica Krell #5148) have received a certificate of achievement in Farm Kitchen for earning an Expert Level All Dried Up Merit Badge.

“We picked some raspberries and some Saskatoons with my family and our friends. Then we dried some of the berries and used some more berries to make some fruit leather.

Emma picking berries

Picking the berries was really fun! The hardest part was not eating them along the way! At home, we dried some of both kinds of berries and used them in our oatmeal the next day for breakfast!

Picking the berries was hard work, but we like to work, so it was fun.

  1. Mary says:

    Does this dessert get watery as melon does after sitting in a bowl overnight? Thanks.

    • MaryJane says:

      Patting the melons down with paper towels helps remove some of the moisture. We ate ours right after chilling for 2 hours, and stored a few leftover slices in the refrigerator overnight. They were fine the next day. I’m not sure how well it would hold up being stored for much longer.

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